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Information Management & Reporting

More and more, businesses are tapping into the value of data insights to run a successful enterprise. That’s why being able to perform real-time data analysis has quickly become one of the most important functions of business operations.

We aim to give small and mid-sized businesses along the Texas Gulf Coast the power of a larger business by offering affordable digital business banking services. You can use our reporting and treasury management technology to tap into the power of fast, accurate, and consolidated information.

Using the latest technology, you can access a customizable and comprehensive package of information reporting, image delivery, and transaction initiation services in a single suite of services. Find out more about this exciting opportunity to use data to support your business!

Our Digital Business Banking Services for Local Businesses

Support your company’s digital transformation and leverage the capabilities of your company’s data through the following services.

Electronic Statements

Go paperless with electronic statements. We utilize the latest imaging technology to provide you with monthly statements online. This service includes access to check images so that you can quickly reconcile balances between your bank account(s) and your business accounting software such as Quickbooks™, Quicken®, or other platforms.

We also encourage business owners to utilize our Electronic Statements service so that you can keep tabs on cash inflows and outflows in one place. Reliance on paper records can lead to losses, fraud, discrepancies, and security issues. We offer a secure, digital method to keep track of business activity and create a single source of truth to support business insights.

Information Reporting

We supplement your business accounting software by providing you with a detailed overview of real-time bank account balances – both available and collected. You can also drill down into detailed transaction activity:

  • Identify questionable purchases made by your company.
  • Follow up on any unauthorized transactions.
  • Use the records to support internal investigations.

Our goal is to help you turn transactional data into information that can be useful for running a successful business. You can realize efficiencies by comparing bank records against records in your accounting software to prioritize what actions to take.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service

Our EDI service enables your company to send and receive purchase and invoice information in standardized electronic formats. Then, an “event” alert can be created and generated when EDI information is processed.

After each transaction is processed, you can view the activity of the transaction, create reports that can be dropped into your business software, and follow up on any outstanding elements of the transaction.

This digital banking service helps streamline accounts receivable and accounts payable in your company so that you can better manage customer relationships, support cash flow, and utilize electronic data to make informed business decisions.

Utilize Our Information Management Services

A digital transformation does not have to be difficult. We can help simplify the complexity of the transition by providing you with dedicated Information Management & Reporting services so that you can achieve your business goals.

Contact our Treasury Management Services department for further information and pricing for fee-based services. Let’s get started on supporting the digital business banking needs of your company. Complete our contact form below to get in touch with our team.

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