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Cash & Liquidity Management

Managing cash is essential for any business. Through the power of our treasury and cash management services, you can get the most out of your cash every day without spending valuable time managing it.

Texas Gulf Bank offers cash and liquidity management solutions that are designed to simplify short-term investments of your account balances. From cash concentration to automated sweeps from your accounts, your business will benefit from our built-in automation and the ease of use that we offer. It’s time to put your cash to work supporting the needs of your business.

Texas Gulf Bank Cash Management Services

The Treasury Department of our bank specializes in identifying opportunities to help your accounts grow. Learn more about how we help local businesses along the Texas Gulf Coast through cash management.

Compensating Balances

Eligible Commercial Checking Accounts may receive an earnings credit based on the average collected balance to help offset the activity cost and service fees in a given month (not to be credited to the account or carried forward to the following month).

Lockbox Services

Simplify the process of collecting payments from your customers to bring more cash into your company. Our Lockbox Service is a simple, effective way to collect and process payments by having customers mail payments directly to our P.O. Box.

  • We process and capture the remittance document.
  • We deposit all checks received into your account.
  • We create a record of all remittance documents.
  • We provide you with a daily report of completed payments.
  • You can effectively monitor the inflow of cash to your bank account(s).
Sweep Accounts

We offer an innovative way to manage cash in your bank accounts through the power of automation. Our sweep vehicles automatically execute cash management decisions for your business based on the daily balances held in your accounts.

  • Overdraft Protection: automatically transfer funds between your accounts, preventing insufficient funding. Minimum or target balances you set can be maintained daily.
  • Sweep Account: keep an account at a specified daily balance by transferring funds between related accounts.
  • Zero balance account (ZBA): automatically fund a payroll account or any other disbursement account as checks are presented, eliminating the need to monitor and manually transfer funds.

You can easily transfer funds between your Texas Gulf Bank accounts to maintain desired account balances, prepare for large cash outflows, make tax payments, or support other business activities.

Through the built-in capabilities of our Online Banking Services, you can create one-time transfers or schedule recurring fund transfers between accounts. We provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage cash flow!

Utilize Our Treasury and Cash Management Services

Find the support you need to optimize cash and liquidity management. We can help your business operate more effectively and efficiently so that your company can flourish.

Contact our Treasury Department to receive information on pricing for fee-based services. Let’s get started on the cash management needs for your business. Complete our contact form below to get in touch with our team.

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