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Savings/ CDS/ Money Markets

Commercial Money Market Account for your Business

This account is ideal for your business if you want the most from every deposit.

  • Tiered money market account 
  • Open with a deposit of $1,000.00.
Health Savings Account for you and your employees

Health Savings Accounts help you and your employees save for future health expenses tax-free when you have a high-deductible health plan. 

How does it work? 
  1. Begin by opening an HSA account at Texas Gulf Bank.
  2. Deposit tax-deductible contributions into your account.
  3. Pay your qualified medical expenses from this account. 

Consult your tax advisor for how the HSA might benefit you, depending on your particular situation.

To open a Texas Gulf Bank Savings Account, CD, Money Market Account, or HSA for your employees, visit any Texas Gulf Bank location or contact us via e-mail or telephone. A Branch Banking Specialist will visit with you to answer your questions and help you set up a plan that is just right for your business and your employees.