Treasury Services

Texas Gulf Bank’s Treasury Services help you streamline and automate your business’ cash flow, reduce your operating costs, minimize processes, mitigate risk and expand your reach. We offer a fully integrated suite of sophisticated Treasury Management Products and Services that can help your company maximize funds from collection through disbursement.

Please contact our Treasury Services Department for additional information, apply for and receive implementation assistance for these special products and services. When approved, these services will be added to your account and/or your Online Banking profile. While several of the Treasury Services are also available using the TGB Mobile App,  most require using Online Banking to create the transaction. Once the transaction information has been input and initiated from TGB Online Banking, the transaction will then display and be available for approval on the TGB Mobile App.

For example, if a wire request is input and initiated within the TGB Online Banking site, approval of the transaction can be done through either Online Banking or by using the TGB Mobile App on your smartphone.

We highlighted a few of our most popular services below, and have more information waiting when you click on the headlines of each section!

Receivables Solutions
  • ACH Direct Debit *Popular Service*
    – Allows the collection of recurring payments for dues, membership fees, and other recurring collections electronically through Treasury Services Online Banking 
  • Wire Transfers
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Merchant Processing Services
  • Collection Services
  • ACH Direct Credits *Popular Service*
    An efficient and cost-effective method for processing payments electronically, directly to vendors or suppliers and direct payroll deposits to employees’ accounts. Initiated through Treasury Services Online Banking.
  • Wire Transfers
  • Bill Pay
  • Collection Services
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payments
Information Management
  • Electronic Statements
  • Information Reporting
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Service
Cash & Liquidity Management
  • Compensating Balances
  • Sweep Accounts
  • Transfers
Risk Management
  • Alerts and Controls
  • Positive Pay *Popular Service*
    Positive Pay Service is a check fraud detection service that is designed to help commercial customers identify potentially fraudulent checks. Checks presented for payment are matched against their ‘check issued file’ to give customers the opportunity to reject any unauthorized checks before incurring a loss.
Online Banking
  • Online Cash Management
    – Allows for multiple authorized Users with unique login credentials and access rights.

We take the time to understand your company’s needs before developing a solution to best meet your treasury management goals. Contact our Treasury Services Department to learn more, including pricing for these fee-based services.