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Customer Service Help and Support

Welcome to Texas Gulf Bank’s customer service help and support center. Please click on the frequently asked questions below to get quick answers to these questions, or click on the topics to the right to get help for a specific service.

How do I find my Account Balance?

You can find your account balance 24-7 by either calling the Q-Line Automated Telephone Banking at 844.810.7607 or by logging into our Online and Mobile Banking service. During Texas Gulf Bank business hours, you can call Customer Service at 800.467.7216.

How do I reset my Online Banking Password?

If you have set up your “Password Reset Question and Answer” (located in the Options tab), you may reset your password at any time by selecting the “Forgot Your Password?” link upon logging in. You can also call our Customer Service Department at 800.467.7216 or visit any local branch to reset your Online Banking Password.

Can I raise my Debit Card limit?

Daily limits are placed on your card for security reasons. This way your bank account won’t be drained of funds if theft or fraud occurs. For this reason, we may approve raising your limit temporarily, but seldom is a permanent limit raise approved. Contact Customer Service at 800.467.7216 to discuss a solution.