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Texas Gulf Bank | Our Story

A Bank Rooted in the Texas Gulf Community 

1913 marked an important year in the History of Texas Gulf Bank. The Freeport National Bank planted its roots, receiving its charter and opening its doors with $50,000 in capital stock.  Since that day, the bank has grown and thrived – moving locations, expanding, adding new banking centers, and changing its name. However, one thing remains the same – a community bank building strong foundations through strong relationships.

  1. 1913

    Freeport National Bank receives its charter and opens with $50,000 in capital stock. The first building was located on W. Park Avenue in Freeport, Texas.

  2. 1913

    Freeport National Bank begins issuing its own currency backed by the U.S. government. The National Currency Act required that each National Bank Note be signed by the Cashier and the bank’s President or VP. The individual charters allowed the issuance of bank notes up to a maximum amount determined by Freeport’s population. This process came to an end in 1935, when the Comptroller of the Currency shipped the last of the National Notes. Sample $5 Bill Sample $10 Bill Sample $20 Bill

  3. 1929

    The Great Depression begins. Times are difficult in the United States, but the bank continues to thrive.

  4. 1933

    The Banking Act of 1933 establishes the FDIC to provide regulatory oversight and deposit insurance to banks.

  5. 1941

    World War II breaks out, providing a dramatic effect on the economy as spending on the war begins.

  6. 1945

    Victory in Europe Day marks the end of the war, and United States bank assets are double their pre-war total.

  7. 1949

    Diner’s Club International is established, and consumers begin using the “credit card.”

  8. 1955

    Freeport National Bank moves from its original location to a larger building at 103 Cherry Street in Freeport. Deposits had grown to $4.5 million and loans were at $1.5 million.

  9. 1963

    The bank changes its name to First Freeport National Bank.

  10. 1967

    The first automatic cash dispenser (known today as an ATM) is installed in Barclay’s Bank near London.

  11. 1970

    First Freeport National Bank builds a new three-story building on the corner of Cherry Street and 2nd Street in Freeport, Texas.

  12. 1973

    First Freeport Corporation, a bank holding company, is chartered to serve as a base to expand. By this year, deposits had grown to $30 million and loans were at $17.5 million.

  13. 1976

    Chemical National Bank opens on the corner of Dixie Drive and Hwy 332 in Clute.

  14. 1980

    Alvin National opens. This location was sold to Express Bank in 1992.

  15. 1982

    First Freeport Corporation changes its name to Texas Gulf Bancshares, Inc. Wealth Management Services were also added to the bank’s service offerings.

  16. 1983

    Coastal National opens its doors at 1717 N. Velasco in Angleton.

  17. 1990

    Texas Gulf Bancshares receives approval to merge its four subsidiary banks and all adopt the common name of Texas Gulf Bank, NA.

  18. 1994

    The Lake Jackson branch is opened at 107 West Way.

  19. 1996

    Texas Gulf Bancshares, Inc. acquires First Commerce Freeport on Brazosport Blvd. in Freeport.

  20. 2001

    The Lake Jackson branch moves to its current location at 203 This Way.

  21. 2004

    Texas Gulf Bank, NA opens its 6th location at 730 W. Brazos in West Columbia.

  22. 2009

    Texas Gulf Bank, NA expands into Houston and opens its 7th location at 1626 S. Voss.

  23. 2010

    The West Columbia banking center moves to its current location at 109 E. Brazos.

  24. 2010

    Texas Gulf Bank, NA expands into Friendswood and opens its 8th location at 1100-B S. Friendswood Drive.

  25. 2012

    The Friendswood banking center moves to its current location at 1003 S. Friendswood Drive.

  26. 2013

    Texas Gulf Bank, N.A. expands into West U in Houston and opens its 9th banking center at 5600 Kirby Drive.

  27. 2015

    The Freeport 2nd Street Banking Center merges with the existing Brazosport Boulevard location.

  28. 2015

    Texas Gulf Bank, NA expands into CityCentre in Houston and opens its 10th banking center at 900 Town & Country Lane, Suite 100.

  29. 2022

    The Brazosport Boulevard location moves into its new building at the existing address on Brazosport Boulevard.

  30. 2022

    The West University location closes and moves to the new River Oaks location at 2517 River Oaks Boulevard.