Risk Management

Unfortunately, the majority of businesses at some point will experience fraud.  Any forward-thinking organization needs strategies for protecting and growing its resources. Texas Gulf Bank Risk Management Solutions are tailored to your needs and supported by the experience, stability, and financial strength of a bank committed to your ongoing success.

Alerts and Controls

Select personalized settings that allow you to receive automated alerts regarding the activity in your accounts.

Positive Pay

As counterfeit check crime continues to rise, Positive Pay is an excellent tool to use in protecting your business. Texas Gulf Bank’s Positive Pay service is a fraud detection tool that reviews a list of your checks and detects problems indicative of forgery, helping your business avoid problems. If a problem is detected, your company will be notified and then you can instruct us on how you’d like to handle the exception.

Contact Texas Gulf Bank to learn more about fraud prevention, as well as pricing for Treasury Services fee-based services.