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Treasury Services Help and Support

Welcome to Texas Gulf Bank’s customer service help and support center. Please click on the frequently asked questions below to get quick answers to these questions, or click on the topics to the right to get help for a specific service.

What are Treasury Management Services?

Treasury Management Services are customized tools and solutions available to your business to help streamline daily operations, simplify financial processes, protect your bottom line, and optimize liquidity. With Treasury Management Services, you can manage your cash flow conveniently and effectively with up-to-date digital solutions and world-class service with a human touch. Feel free to inquire about our various Treasury Management  Services listed below at


Receivable Solutions

  • ACH Origination Direct Debit
  • Wire Transfers
  • Remote Deposit Capture
  • Merchant Services Processing through a third- party provider (accept debit/credit cards)
  • Lock Box Services (automated collection of receivables)

Information Management

  • Electronic Statements
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • Electronic Data Interchange Service (EDI)

Risk Management

  • Alerts and Controls
  • ACH Blocking (limit ACH debits or credits)
  • Positive Pay (check fraud detection)
Payable Solutions

  • ACH Origination Direct Credit
  • Wire Transfers (initiated securely through Online Banking)
  • Bill Pay Services
  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (linked within Online Banking)

Cash & Liquidity Management

  • Compensating Balances (account analysis – earnings credit for balances to help minimize service costs)
  • Sweep Accounts (overdraft protection, targeted balance, zero balance)
  • Internal Account Transfers (schedule one-time or recurring transfers)

What are the benefits of Treasury Management Services?

You can use Treasury Management Services to benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Streamline accounts receivables
  • Strategize payments
  • Simplify customer and vendor payments
  • Utilize comprehensive and dynamic reporting
  • Collect outstanding invoices more efficiently
  • Mitigate fraud risk
  • Automate accounts payables
  • Invest available cash balances over standard FDIC limits

What is Cash Management Online Banking? How does it work?

Primarily, Cash Management Online Banking enables Online Banking functions for multiple users and access levels (designated and controlled by authorized signers) using a single sign-on process for each user.

Cash Management Online Banking provides access to your commercial accounts in a secure environment with the ability to conduct real-time transactions, including account inquiries, funds transfers, enhanced reporting, and account management capabilities.

Cash Management Online Banking is additionally utilized to allow our various Treasury Management Services to be added and integrated into your Online Banking experience. Designated users can perform tasks such as input/initiate ACH Origination transactions, input/initiate wire transfers, and access a variety of other Treasury Management Services we offer.

How does Treasury Management help protect my business from fraud?

Fraud prevention is essential for all commercial transactions. We offer several layers of financial protection by allowing both the bank and account holder to easily monitor and flag suspicious activity. Alerts, Transactional Controls, ACH Blocking, Positive Pay Check Fraud Detection, and Secure Tokens are just a few of the various services we can offer to help protect your accounts.

What additional services does Treasury Management offer?

In addition to some of the traditional services we offer through our Treasury Services Department, we can also assist accounts that may exceed the $250,000 FDIC limit through the IntraFi Network. This program allows customers to extend their FDIC protection across the full value of their deposits (in excess of $250,000), with the convenience of a single account and personal service.