Cash & Liquidity Management

Get the most out of your cash every day without spending your time managing it. Texas Gulf Bank’s cash and liquidity management solutions include products designed to simplify short term investment of your account balances. From cash concentration to automated sweeps from your accounts, our services focus on automation and ease-of-use.

Compensating Balances

Get an earnings credit on commercial non-interest-bearing checking accounts (except for the Portside Checking account) based on average collected balances that minimize service costs associated with account activity.

Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services simplify the collection and processing of account receivables by having your customers’ payments mailed directly to our P.O. Box.  Processing includes capturing the remittance document, preparing and depositing all checks received, preparing and transmitting a file of all remittance documents and a daily report to the Client for updating their accounts.

Sweep Accounts*

Our sweep vehicles automatically execute your cash management decisions based on the daily balances held in your Texas Gulf Bank accounts.

Overdraft Protection –  Automatically transfer funds between your accounts, preventing insufficient funding. Minimum or target balances you set can be maintained daily.

Sweep Account – Keeps an account at a specified daily balance by transferring funds between related accounts.

Zero balance account (ZBA) – A payroll account or any other disbursement account is funded automatically as checks are presented, eliminating the need to monitor and manually transfer funds.


Transfer funds between Texas Gulf Bank accounts and schedule one-time or recurring fund transfers through Online Banking Services.

Contact Texas Gulf Bank to receive information on pricing for fee-based services.