National Small Business Week 2022: Utilize Our Tools to Grow!

May 2, 2022

Throughout the year, we have the privilege of serving the banking needs of small business owners and mid-sized businesses along the Texas Gulf Coast.

This week, we are amplifying our support by recognizing National Small Business Week 2022. If you’re wondering when National Small Business Week takes place, this year it’s May 2-5, 2022.

Throughout the week, you can access tools and resources provided by the Small Business Administration (SBA) that are available to small business owners across the United States. You can also participate in a virtual summit where you can learn from entrepreneurs and small business owners in a similar position.

Specific to small businesses here in Texas, we want to highlight some of our business banking solutions and tools that can help you run a more efficient and profitable operation. As an independently-owned, community-based bank, we are committed to seeing you grow!

Our Business Banking Solutions for Small Business Owners

We offer a variety of business banking options to fuel growth in your company. Whether you need access to loans, lines of credit, or treasury management services, we are confident that we have the right solution to meet the needs of your business.

1. Small Business Loans

Each of our commercial loans is designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. To provide you with the right solution, we aim to understand your business objectives and goals. Then, we will provide you with information about loans that might be best suited for your company. Consider some of our options:

Commercial Real Estate: Our lenders have decades of experience in commercial real estate lending. We work with owners and non-owners to support financing or refinancing for construction, purchase, or acquisition.

Equipment Loans: You can utilize an equipment loan to borrow funds for major capital expenditures, such as equipment purchases, and keep more cash on hand. This way, you can support business operations and continue to fuel growth.

SBA Loans: During National Small Business Week 2022, you will likely hear about the opportunity to obtain funding through the Small Business Administration. We work directly with the SBA to help you determine if your business is eligible for SBA financing.

2. Lines of Credit

We also offer lines of credit for small businesses that need support managing operations. You could have a tight cash cycle or need to retain more cash in the business to cover payroll or other key expenses. We work with small businesses in industries such as manufacturing, construction, automotive, supply chain logistics, food & beverage, and other industries by providing these types of financial tools:

  • Working Capital Lines of Credit.
  • Letter of Credit.
  • Agriculture Loans for Crops or Equipment.

Working Capital Lines of Credit: You can use this financing tool to bridge operating costs in your small business (e.g. payroll, inventory, or rent) until you have collected accounts receivable in your business operations. This is a valuable tool to cover timing differences in your cash cycle so that you can assure that all expenses are covered until the cash cycle is complete.

Letter of Credit: We offer letters of credit to help our customers minimize risk in domestic or international trade transactions where you may not know the other party. This type of letter from our bank guarantees payment from a buyer to a seller, providing our customers with financial security as they navigate complex transactions.

Agriculture Loans. Agriculture loans are lines of credit that you can utilize to bridge the operating costs on your land until you sell crops or cattle. You can utilize this financial tool to cover expenses such as labor, feed, fuel, and land leases until you receive payment.

3. Treasury Management Services

We have a dedicated Treasury Services Department that can support the business operations of your company. Whether you need support with Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, cash management, online business banking, or other aspects of running a small business, we have a solution that fits you!

Accounts Receivables: Our ACH Direct Debit service is a popular tool for small business owners that want to set up recurring collections from customers. Plus, we offer other A/R tools that simplify the process of collecting revenue owed to your company.

Accounts Payable: ACH Direct Credits is another popular service that makes it easy to process payments to vendors, suppliers, or other parties that you need to pay. You can also utilize other A/P tools to stay on track with payroll, cover infrequent bills, and support other costs of doing business.

Information Management: You can take a big step from paper records to electronic recordkeeping. We make it easy to support your business’ transition to digital records, which will save you a lot of time and effort.

Cash & Liquidity Management: Need to streamline frequent business tasks? We’ll help you automate certain business activities such as receiving payments or covering bills so that you can reduce administrative work and focus more on growing the business!

Risk Management: Small businesses are routinely targeted by fraudsters and scammers. We take our job seriously by helping prevent fraud for our small business customers. We offer robust security tools to protect your valuable business information. Plus, you can set up alerts about suspicious activity in your business accounts so that you can remain proactive about security.

Online & Mobile Business Banking: Always on the go? Not always in front of your computer? You can utilize our mobile business tools to execute transactions, move funds from one account to another, remotely deposit checks, and perform other business banking actions from an Internet-connected device. We make it easy to run a small business from anywhere!

Talk To Us About a Small Business Banking Solution For You

We have talked about our solutions and tools designed to help small businesses and mid-sized businesses. So, why should your business turn to Texas Gulf Bank? Here are a few reasons why:

  • You can gain access to funds faster through our expedited loan application process.
  • You will have the support of a dedicated banking rep that understands your business.
  • We focus on building relationships to support your long-term business needs.
  • You will receive hometown personal service and flexibility.
  • We are backed by substantial lending capacity.
  • We offer competitive rates of interest and payment schedules.
  • We have been in business for 100+ years and have just about seen it all!

Discover why business owners across the Texas Gulf Coast rely on our bank to sustain growth in their company. We encourage you to reach out to our team during National Small Business Week 2022 to find a solution that fits your business need!

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