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Growing My Business

Presidents’ Day vs. Twosday – Which One is an Official Bank Holiday?

Presidents’ Day falls on February 21, 2022 this year. Then, the extremely rare “Twosday” falls on 2/22/22. So, which one is worth celebrating? Take a look at these fun facts about each event…

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equipment leasing
The Pros and Cons of Equipment Leasing

If your business needs specialized equipment to complete the work you offer, you must decide at some point whether it’s better to lease that equipment or buy it outright. Many small business…

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mobile banking
Online & Mobile Banking Offers Features You’ll Love

Today the world’s most significant business transactions happen online. We organize our lives with the help of online tools, and our…

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business credit card
3 Ways A Business Credit Card Will Help Grow Your Business

Small business owners, even ones who have set up a separate bank account for their business, often hold off on procuring a business credit card, choosing instead to use their personal card for business transactions. …

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remote work
5 Tips to Work from Home Effectively

If you’re new to working from home full time, you could be in the midst of a significant adjustment right now. Many Texans found themselves unprepared to turn their living space into a dedicated workspace….

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cash flow
A Business Loan vs. Line of Credit: Which Option is Right for You?

When it’s time to raise cash to manage and grow a business, most entrepreneurs think of the traditional term loan structure: Apply, get approved, receive loan money as a lump sum, begin …

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hiring manager
Build the Right Team: Hiring Tips for New Managers

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, it’s because you’ve recently taken on a more prominent role within your company to help hire new talent for your team. As a hiring manager, you have a lot of important …

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construction loan
Build Your Business with a Commercial Construction Loan

Construction of a new building can be one of the most overwhelming experiences a business owner or investor faces. Maybe renting no longer makes financial sense, or your business is at a crossroads that requires specific features…

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business owner
Business Banking Tools that Fit Your Money Management Style

Each business owner has a unique way of managing employees, productivity, and especially their finances. Depending on the type of company you run, the banking products suitable for some might not be right for you. …

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public relations
Creating a Public Relations Campaign for Your Business

Getting media exposure for your business can be very effective in bringing in new customers by spreading the word about what you have to offer. There are two general ways to get favorable coverage…

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business growth
Don’t Pass Up the Opportunity to Expand Your Business

Owning and operating a business of any size can be a daunting task; in many cases an all-consuming commitment of time, energy and financial resources. Whether the business is a start-up or an established…

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Economic Trends Businesses Face in 2021

Long before the economic impact of the COVID pandemic, industries and businesses began making massive changes to the way they serve customers. Trends in the American marketplace revolving around…

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technology employee
Employee Evaluation Checklist: How to Determine If Your Team is Thriving

Each year, it’s important for business owners or team managers to conduct employee evaluations not only to determine how the team is performing but to also learn how to help people grow within their role. Performance reviews…

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loan consultation
Five Questions to Answer before Approaching a Bank for a Commercial Loan

When you are ready to apply for a commercial loan, be prepared to answer a lot of very important questions about your business. The initial information you give to a loan officer will provide…

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account password
Get Creative with Passwords to Keep Accounts Secure

In honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month (something we take very seriously all year long), we wanted to talk about an important topic that is the first line of defense in securing your online information …

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american flag and texas flag
Guide to Reopening Texas Businesses Safely as We Recover from COVID-19

On June 3rd, Governor Greg Abbott announced the third phase of the State of Texas’ plan to open the economy while safely containing the spread of COVID-19. Under Phase III…

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medicare card
Hang up on Medicare Card Scams

Scammers follow the news – and the money. Medicare is sending new cards to everyone who gets Medicare benefits, replacing your Social Security number with another number. As expected, scammers have been…

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business handshake
Help Your Business Qualify for a Loan Before You Even Apply

Whether you’re expanding the reach of your services, upgrading equipment, or buying new vehicles, there are many reasons to secure a loan for your business. In this article, we will discuss ways…

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paycheck protection
Helpful Resources for the CARES Act & Paycheck Protection Program

Texas Gulf Bank is proud to report we have been able to help more than 300 small business owners with Payroll Protection loans totaling more than $56 million. In addition, we have welcomed many new customers…

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small buisness owner
Hiring New Talent & Online Security Are Top Economic Concerns for Business Owners

A Gallop® Small Business Index survey taken at the end of 2019 found that business owners cited “hiring top talent” and “online security” as the top challenges they face…

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business woman
How to Build a Business Identity Profile for Your Company

In order to create an effective brand, developing and maintaining a solid business identity is critical. Your business identity consists of all the visual elements that establish and reinforce your brand: logo…

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How to help your business through COVID-19

The current disruptions due to Covid-19 to the market, as well as many daily operations, are strong reminders of why we all must prepare for economic uncertainty. There are many steps

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paycheck protection
HSA vs. FSA: How to Choose the Right Pre-Tax Account to Offer Your Employees

Rising healthcare and insurance costs increasingly burden both businesses and their employees. Utilizing a tax-advantaged medical savings account, like a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), can…

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mobile banking
Increase Your Business’s Efficiency With Mobile Banking

Smart phone technology has greatly simplified routine business activity through the use of mobile banking, providing access to company accounts using a smart phone to connect with Texas Gulf Bank.

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online banking
Layers of Security Features Help Keep Online & Mobile Banking Save for TGB Customers

Reliance on online and mobile technology has grown significantly over the past few months as people spend more time at home with limited in-person visits to local businesses…

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ACH Payments
New Cybercrimes Reported Against Businesses Sending ACH Payments

Recent reports show an increase in fraud using Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, a standard transactional method used by most businesses. ACH payments are often under less scrutiny…

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empty office
Prepare Your Office for the Safe Return of Employees

As business owners weigh the consequences of having employees return to the office, most are rightly concerned about the safety of their people. As we work to reopen the Texas economy, the challenge…

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commercial loan consultation
Preparing to Take on a Loan for Your Business

Whether it is to get your business up and running or fund expansion plans, at some point, most companies need to borrow money. Understanding how to navigate the borrowing process right from the start…

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bradn identity
Reexamine Your Brand when Setting 2021 Marketing Goals

Now is a great time to revamp your marketing initiatives and then craft an effective strategy for the new year. Planning now allows you to get the ball rolling quickly when you…

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remote deposit capture
Remote Deposit Capture Gives You More Ways to Get Paid

Business owners face a number of challenges in growing and operating their companies, but advances in technology have simplified one facet of business – payments. Digital and mobile…

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business budget
Setting Your 2021 Busines Budget During Times of Uncertainty

Little did anyone know as they sat down to craft 2020 budgets last fall that those plans would be destroyed by the end of the first quarter of this year. A global pandemic, plus forced work-from-home…

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small business banking
Small Business Economic Aid Bill Offers Attractive Business Loan Opportunites Through SBA Loan Programs

In a continuing effort to stimulate the U.S. economy and expand employment opportunities, a bill backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) makes available new loan programs and reduces fees…

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strategic investing
Spend, Save & Invest Strategically to Finish 2020 Strong

Although it’s hard to think about that tax bill due next April, the strategic financial decisions you make today for your business can help to drastically minimize your tax burden at year-end…

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business office
Take Advangage of 2019 Business Tax Changes

Recent changes to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act potentially benefit small businesses by enabling them to immediately expense more of the cost of certain property and write off most depreciable assets …

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business location
Things to Consider When Leasing a New Location for Your Business

Finding and securing a location for your business can be a major undertaking. The factors you need to consider when leasing commercial space touch on so much more than just the monthly rent…

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small business card processing
Three Ways Your Small Business Can Save on Credit Card Processing

Consumers are increasingly choosing plastic over cash. Declining to accept credit cards as a result of fees may actually cost you more money in the long run than the fees you are trying to avoid…

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tax advisor
Tips To Choose The Right Tax Advisor For Your Business

Your business tax return provides valuable insights into your company’s revenue, expenses, and annual growth. It is important that you choose a tax professional knowledgeable…

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HR management
Top Trends in HR Management Can Empower Other Company Leaders

Overseeing the Human Resources (HR) department of any company is a big job, regardless of the size of the team. Not only does this person guide current team members to thrive in their roles, but…

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business performance
Understanding Cash Flow Is Critical to Business Success

Businesses stand a better chance of surviving critical business junctures when they know what cash they have coming in and going out. Having Cash Management tools in place provides the…

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equipment loans
Understanding What Makes Equipment Loans Different

What exactly is an equipment loan, and how is it different from applying for other commercial loans? We asked Brandon Reyes, Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer, to break things down for us…

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small business taxes
Understanding Your Tax Burden as a Small Business Owner

While it’s not a favorite topic among small business owners, tax season is still the most important time of year. The steps you take before the end of the year can have immediate money-saving benefits…

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marketing strategy
Use Data to Make Informed Business Growth Decisions

Using the right data can drastically improve your business decision-making ability, allowing you to focus on improving the return on the changes you implement. Actually knowing exactly which…

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Whaling: A Sophisticated Phishing Scam Targeting Company Executives

In this world, where technology makes our information easier to find, we’re all vulnerable to phishing attacks. That risk becomes infinitely greater when you are a business executive with a…

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loan proposal
What Should You Include in an Effective Loan Proposal?

As a business owner seeking a loan for your business, you want to present a positive picture of the purpose and plans you have for your company. The best way to do this is to create a well-designed loan proposal…

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sba loan approval
Which Industries Get Approved for SBA Loans Most Often?

A major source of funding for businesses comes through Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, which can sometimes be complicated to apply for and receive. Taking a look at public SBA loan data…

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