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Transform Cash Flow with Treasury Management for Small Business

August 2, 2023

For your small business to make upward gains and achieve sustained success, you need a smooth, seamless financial process for your daily business operations. The last thing your growing business needs is a cash flow issue to derail progress.

Treasury Management Services from Texas Gulf Bank are the ideal solution for small businesses in need of a better way to manage their finances and daily cash flow.

Discover the benefits of Treasury Management for small business operations, the cash flow issues it can help eliminate, and why you should partner with Texas Gulf Bank for this vital service.

Is Cash Flow a Constant Struggle? 

Any small business owner will inevitably deal with challenges, but cash flow management issues can be some of the most difficult because of how they impact daily operations. If your company is facing these common financial problems, you may benefit from Treasury Management solutions from Texas Gulf Bank.

  • Late customer payments
  • Seasonal fluctuations in revenue
  • High costs of sending receivables and collecting payables
  • Inefficient billing processes
  • Insufficient working capital
  • Inventory management issues

Streamlining your business finances allows your business to run more efficiently while helping to ensure you have the working capital needed to invest back into your company. 

The Basics of Treasury Management 

Treasury Management Services are designed to improve your cash flow by automating many of the tedious, daily financial transactions your business makes on a regular basis.

By improving your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable management and other processes, your business is able to focus instead on developing growth strategies and achieving long-term goals.

Your business can choose from a range of Treasury Management products and services that will transform your daily operations, including:

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination Services – Efficient electronic payments controlled and released by your business.
  • Remote/Mobile Deposit Capture – Remotely deposit checks at the touch of a button, reducing trips to the bank.
  • Online Wire Payments – Create and remit wire transfers using a secure platform.
  • Sweep Accounts – Manage and protect cash flow between internal accounts.
  • Lockbox Service – Effortless management of outstanding collections.
  • Merchant Services – Process customer debit and credit card payments (if approved for service by our 3rd party provider).
  • Positive Pay – Helps protect bank accounts from fraudulent check payments.
  • ACH Debit Blocks and Filters – Help protect accounts from fraudulent ACH transactions.

Our Treasury Management Services work to prevent costly delays and eliminate the inefficient financial processes that may hinder your company’s growth. 

Treasury Management for Small Business Provides Key Benefits 

At Texas Gulf Bank, we believe in supporting businesses by offering strategic short-term and long-term banking solutions, including Treasury Management Services. Our treasury solutions enable your business to enjoy important benefits, which may include the following:

Effective cash flow management creates tremendous overall benefits for your business. Taking this step can support the financial health and stability of your business while enabling you to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Let Texas Gulf Bank Improve Your Cash Management 

The most important step in regaining control over cash flow issues is to start a conversation with a Treasury Management Officer from Texas Gulf Bank. Our team will take the time to understand the inner operations of your business and how you manage cash flow.

Our officers are dedicated to fully learning about your business processes in order to offer solutions that alleviate financial headaches and improve cash flow solutions.

Before making specific Treasury Management product recommendations, officers will review a variety of current financial factors, such as:

  • Most common transaction types
  • Transaction volumes per day/week/month
  • Transaction amounts
  • Annual budget
  • Merchant account needs
  • Revenue projections
  • Current Accounts Receivables and Payables

This assessment will help Treasury Management officers develop a specific plan tailored to your unique business needs and long-term goals.

In addition to a customized Treasury Management plan, your relationship with the Treasury Management officers at Texas Gulf Bank will also bring tremendous value to your business, including:

  • Financial expertise and guidance from experienced professionals
  • Tailored solutions to address cash flow needs
  • Streamlined banking processes and convenient online tools
  • Controllable cash flow with user-friendly reporting tools
  • Relationship-based banking with personalized attention
  • Financial education and resources

We strive to combine effective services and products with exceptional customer service for a better banking experience for your business.

Get Started Today with Treasury Management Services 

With over 100 years of experience supporting companies across the Gulf Coast region, we are uniquely positioned to provide banking solutions that strengthen and enhance your business. 

Whether you need support managing cash flow, receiving or paying accounts, or performing other key business functions, we have the services and products that will meet your business needs.

Our Treasury Management team will discuss your current cash flow issues, long-term financial goals, and current business processes to develop a plan that works for you. We take the time to explain each of our available options, how these can help your current business accounts, and the application process for specific products or services.

Please reach out to our Treasury Services Department to learn more about Treasury Management for small business operations, including the pricing for these fee-based services.

Contact us today to begin the application process. We are ready to help your business grow.

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