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Top Trends in HR Management Can Empower Other Company Leaders

Overseeing the Human Resources (HR) department of any company is a big job, regardless of the size of the team. Not only does this person guide current team members to thrive in their roles, but they must also recruit top new talent to build on the vision and goals set by management.

We can learn a lot from top HR leaders, and below are some of the most popular trends talked about by our customers and colleagues in the industry. Perhaps these ideas can help other company leaders thrive in their departments.

Trend #1: Repurposing Team Members
Managers often forget about one of the most effective tactics that HR specialists use—rather than hire every time a spot opens—consider moving current employees to available job opportunities across the company. This shows your team that there is room to grow in their careers.

Another idea is to use alternative sources for work, such as contractors or freelancers, on projects that pop up and then allow senior team members to manage that work. This approach to talent acquisition provides the benefit of outside help knowledgeable in the latest technology while giving management responsibilities to your team members looking to do more.

Trend #2: Using Technology to Recruit
Data-driven decisions are considered by many to be the best approach to the hiring process. Having access to optimized technology allows recruiters and HR specialists to find and hire suitable candidates to do the job. Top companies are now using chatbots to provide information during the application processes. With tools powered by artificial intelligence, potential candidates can ask and answer questions without taking up the hiring manager’s time. Consider implementing “chat” capabilities in other areas where employees (or even customers) have frequent questions.

Machine-learning tools are also incredibly valuable during the recruiting process to take a well-rounded look at potential candidates by searching online for any mention of that person. These tools automate background checks, which reduces the time necessary for screening candidates.

Trend #3: Reinventing Talent Acquisition
Rethinking talent acquisition is vital to improving the strength of your team. Companies need to reimagine what their potential employees may look like, where they might find them, and how to substitute technology when necessary. For example, you might currently prefer only full-time working employees, yet there’s a trend toward hiring remote employees and freelancers to work on multiple projects as needed.