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How To Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct deposit offers convenience and security to employees.
With appropriate permission, direct deposit automatically deposits your paycheck into your checking or savings account on an established schedule. It provides immediate access to funds, and cuts down on the hassle of making excess trips to the bank. It also keeps funds safe because you never need to worry about checks being stolen, manipulated or lost.

It is easy to set up direct deposit. For personal accounts, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form for each company from which you want to have a direct deposit. Once you have completed the form, provide it to the applicable companies or your employer’s human resource department. This is a free service offered by Texas Gulf Bank that can help you simplify your finances.

If you would like to set up direct deposit, contact Texas Gulf Bank at 979.297.7211, 979.849.2372 or 800.467.7216 for more information.