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Support Growth with Owner Occupied Commercial Property Financing

May 12, 2023

Growing your business involves more than simply increasing your customer base or monthly sales. It can also mean transitioning from a commercial renter to a commercial property owner to strengthen your business.

Small businesses that tap into owner occupied commercial real estate are typically better positioned to expand operations and achieve long-term success.

Learn how owner occupied commercial property can support your company’s growth, the opportunity for your company to become more independent, and the different loan programs from Texas Gulf Bank that can help you finance a commercial property acquisition.

How Commercial Property Ownership Encourages Growth 

Owning your commercial space is a powerful way to bolster your company and make a statement in the industry where you do business.

When you want to shift your business from renting commercial property to owning commercial property, you can realize two significant benefits that directly support your company’s growth: expansion opportunities and financial strength

Expansion Opportunities

Your business location is a key part of your company’s success, but renting a commercial space can significantly hinder your ability to expand and take advantage of growth opportunities.

When you rent commercial space, you are often limited by the restrictions introduced by commercial property managers:

  • How your space can be used
  • How you promote your business
  • Your building aesthetic and exterior appearance

For example, retailers or manufacturers renting commercial space may have the revenue and customer base to support increased services and products. However, they may be limited by their current space and lease restrictions.

Transitioning to owner-occupied property can provide your company the flexibility to use your property in the way that best supports short-term and long-term growth — whether it’s increasing your workforce, confidently adding more goods and services, or renovating your physical building.

Your business deserves a commercial property that supports growth by allowing your business to expand products, services, and workspace to meet higher customer demands. 

Financial Strength

Many business owners gain tremendous financial benefits when they pursue commercial real estate property of their own. Instead of paying a landlord a monthly rent that could be increased at any time, you can own a property and pay a monthly mortgage that could directly strengthen your company, as well as enjoy tax advantages* as a commercial property owner.

*Consult your tax professional regarding how owning versus renting your commercial property might benefit you, depending on your particular circumstances.

Owning commercial real estate may boost company wealth since the land and facility will typically build equity over time, and this equity can potentially be leveraged to increase your buying and lending power. You may be able to use the equity value to secure future loans for expansion, and you gain the potential ability to sell the property if needed. Of course, these results depend on a variety of factors, including future changes to real estate market values, interest rates, etc.

Discover The Right Commercial Real Estate Loan for Your Business 

Owning your own commercial property may offer substantial practical and financial benefits for years to come, and Texas Gulf Bank can help by providing financing options to qualified borrowers.

There are multiple types of owner occupied loans available for companies interested in buying a property of their own. Financing options available to small business owners include conventional owner occupied loans and SBA loans.

Conventional Owner Occupied Loans

These are traditional bank loans that finance up to 80% of either the appraised value or the total cost of the property, depending on the specifics of your situation. When you work with Texas Gulf Bank, our lenders will get to know your business, review your growth plans, and tailor the loan terms to fit your situation.

SBA Loans

SBA loans are loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA). These loans are intended to support small business growth by offering competitive fees, smaller down payments, and favorable collateral requirements.

Companies may apply through Texas Gulf Bank for SBA 7(a) loans or SBA 504 loans, depending on the specific funding needs, loan terms, and loan limits. 

Trust Texas Gulf Bank For Your Owner Occupied Commercial Property Financing Needs 

If your business is ready to pursue commercial real estate ownership in the Texas Gulf Coast region, our bank can help with strategic financing solutions that meet your specific needs. As a community-based bank, we have over 110 years of experience providing loan options and banking services that help strengthen businesses throughout the region.

At Texas Gulf Bank, we value the importance of building strong relationships with clients and strive to always provide exceptional service to clients. When partnering with us for owner occupied commercial property loans, you can expect to receive:

  • Professional and personal attention
  • Access to skillful loan officers with extensive experience in owner occupied loans
  • Customer-driven financing solutions
  • Prompt decisions on completed loan application packages

If you need a business loan for an owner occupied commercial property and are ready to begin the application process, contact Texas Gulf Bank today. We can be reached at 1-800-467-7216 or by visiting one of our many local banking centers. We look forward to partnering in your growth.

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