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Our Chief Lending Officer Christian Hahn is Passionate About the Gulf Coast Community

December 13, 2022

Christian Hahn is the Executive Vice President – Chief Lending Officer for Texas Gulf Bank. Throughout his career, Christian has been passionate about offering a better banking experience for customers along the Texas Gulf Coast.

Christian recently took on a greater leadership role for our bank after previously serving as a Regional President supporting the needs of our customers in the Bay Area/Friendswood region.

Christian is a veteran of the banking industry in our region, which makes him highly capable of developing strong connections and working relationships with our customers. He can quickly identify the right commercial lending solution that fits a true business need.

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Christian is also responsible for managing our team of lenders who provide financing support to businesses and individual borrowers throughout the Gulf Coast region.

Because we are a community bank, Christian focuses on matching each customer to the lender who can best serve the customer’s needs. This way, customers receive access to a helpful point of contact throughout their banking relationship with us. It’s how he carries out his passion for serving customers on an individual basis.

A Lifelong Passion for Business and Financing

Ever since Christian was a young adult growing up in Friendswood, Texas, he has been passionate about business. He started investing in high school by purchasing fractional shares of companies. It was his way to sink his teeth into the business world through the stock market.

Christian enjoys telling stories about being an early investor and learning how financial markets work from a young age. His early experience led to a passion for the banking industry, where he developed expertise matching up businesses with financing opportunities to help them grow.

Now, Christian has been in the banking industry for 30+ years. His wealth of experience in commercial lending has made him a respected banking leader in the region, especially in his home base of Friendswood.

Along the way, Christian has always maintained a youthful passion to be involved in the growth of companies. He carries out his passion one customer at a time by finding ways to support the needs of local customers throughout the Gulf Coast region.

How Christian Hahn Supports Customers Throughout the Region

Whether supporting a customer in Friendswood, Lake Jackson, or the big city of Houston, Christian appreciates the opportunity to engage with a business owner to think through growth strategies for the company.

During his previous role as Regional President, Christian spent most of his time working with customers in southern Galveston County. He also worked directly with customers in Pearland, and Houston.

In the Houston market, only a handful of community banks remain in the area. Christian is a great representative of our bank by bringing a community-banking approach to each relationship. Christian offers a personalized touch that you don’t find from other big banks in the market.

He embodies our mission to approach each customer the same way, no matter the location. We strive for consistency, and Christian ensures that no customer ever feels like just another number.

Services that Christian Hahn Can Support

Christian can support customers in several different ways. Here are the best opportunities to reach out to Christian for support to grow your business:

Because of his extensive banking experience, Christian can quickly identify additional services that a customer might benefit from, including utilizing our dedicated Treasury Services team. During regular conversations with a customer, Christian can spot a situation where our Treasury Services department would be a good fit to help streamline business operations and support cash flow management.

Christian also serves as a liaison to our Wealth Management department that supports trusts, wills, and estate planning for our customers. He looks for opportunities to provide each customer with a comprehensive banking solution that fits your needs.

When you work with Christian, you can expect to receive the type of personal treatment you should expect from a community bank – no matter where in South Texas you do business.

  • We are relationship-oriented.
  • We are good listeners.
  • We are attentive to your personal or business needs.
  • We will learn your business model to provide you with services tailored to your current situation.
  • We will ask great questions to help business owners think through their strategies and see how a bank can help them grow.

We invite you to connect with Christian so that you can start or continue your banking relationship with Texas Gulf Bank.

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