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Increase Your Business’s Efficiency With Mobile Banking

July 12, 2018

Smart phone technology has greatly simplified routine business activity through the use of mobile banking, providing access to company accounts using a smart phone to connect with Texas Gulf Bank.

Below is a list of conveniences available through mobile banking:

Deposit Checks
With mobile deposit, you can deposit checks anytime, anywhere from your smartphone. Simply take a picture of your endorsed check, select which account you want to deposit it in and receive immediate confirmation that your check has been uploaded successfully.

Making paper check deposits using mobile banking technology moves money through your business, reducing cost and delay of payment collection. Your business is paid when services or products are delivered.

View Check Images
With a click, you can view images of paper checks that have been deposited and cleared, providing you with an accurate accounting of company balances.

Check Account Balances
Simply log on to your mobile banking dashboard for a “quick glance” view of all company account balances.
Need more information?  Virtually all company account information is stored securely, available for review on your schedule. Boost productivity and get more done when you have time to access the company books via mobile banking.

Transaction Reviews
Review deposits and payments that have cleared, as well as those that are pending at your leisure, an advantage when you are out of the office.

Pay Bills
Make payments online from anywhere so they are always on time. Using the scheduled bill pay option, you can transfer company funds to the accounts of vendors and service providers, utility companies and office rental companies—just to name a few.  Move money out of your accounts on the dates you schedule.

Move Money Between Accounts
With mobile banking, you are no longer tethered to a desktop computer.  There’s no need to find a Wi-Fi hot spot for your laptop or tablet. You can access all of your accounts and transfer funds between them with your smart phone, keeping more cash in interest-bearing accounts as long as possible.

Whether you are a one-person sole proprietorship or a global enterprise, get your company’s banking mobilized and cut banking business down to size. To get set-up or find out more about Mobile Banking for your business, visit any Texas Gulf Bank location or contact us and we’ll make the transition to online and mobile business banking easy and convenient for you.