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Examples of Commercial and Industrial Loans That Fuel Growth

December 19, 2023

If your business is ready to pursue growth opportunities – such as expanding your physical space or buying new equipment – you may need reliable financing to make this a reality. Commercial and industrial loans (known as C&I loans) are an important financial tool for any business in need of funding to drive growth.

Learn the basics of how C&I loans work, some different examples of commercial and industrial loans that may help fuel long-term business growth, and why Texas Gulf Bank is the lending partner you need to help elevate your business.

C&I Loans: How Do They Work? 

A C&I loan is typically a short-term loan designed specifically for a business that has a working capital need. It can also be used to finance critical business expenditures like heavy equipment purchases.

C&I loans are an ideal financing option for industries such as:

  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Professional services

C&I loans are popular among a wide range of businesses because they provide the strategic financing needed for growth without having to pursue outside investments to fund capital expenses.

You can retain full business ownership without sacrificing valuable equity to finance your business needs. This built-in functionality is especially beneficial for small companies or those in niche markets who might face challenges raising investor funds. There are several different types of commercial loans you can apply for that may be able to help you pursue long-term business success.

Examples of Commercial and Industrial Loans for Businesses

With the right kind of lending options, your business can be well-positioned to take advantage of growth opportunities and important investments as they arise. Unlike commercial real estate loans that are used to purchase commercial property or cover building construction costs, C&I loans can be used for a wider range of commercial or industrial purposes.

Take a look at our comprehensive list covering different types of commercial and industrial loans that may be a good fit for your business.

Building Expansions or Renovations

A C&I loan can be used to cover the cost of expanding your current business facility or retail area. You can also make renovations that improve business efficiency or lower utility costs.

Funds may be used to cover property improvements, land or road upgrades, or building additions to house new production or manufacturing areas.

Inventory Purchases

Funds from a C&I loan can be used to make larger inventory purchases to allow you to expand into larger markets. Additionally, larger inventory purchases may enable your business to qualify for bulk savings from vendors and suppliers, potentially improving your monthly cash flow.

Heavy Equipment Investments

Is your business hampered by slower or outdated machinery? Financing from C&I loans may allow you to invest in newer, more efficient machinery and heavy equipment so you can take on larger clients or bigger projects.

At Texas Gulf Bank, one of the most popular C&I loan options that borrowers pursue is an equipment loan. We work with companies throughout the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast region to help them expand their capabilities if approved for equipment financing.

Expanding Production Lines

C&I loans may be used to expand your product and service lines. When you can offer a wider variety of goods and services to customers, you may be able to grow revenue and better position your company to reach long-term growth objectives. 

Increase Workforce

Companies often face the prospect of burning through working capital to fund staffing needs during busier seasonal periods. With the help of C&I loans, you can retain more of your working capital and use loan funds to cover the recruiting, hiring, and training costs associated with expanding your staff.

Apply For C&I Loans with Texas Gulf Bank 

With the help of a C&I loan, your business may be able to access the funding resources needed for major growth without passing up valuable investment opportunities or giving up equity to outside investors.

Texas Gulf Bank understands the unique needs of business owners in your position. We’ve helped companies in the region reach their promise for over 110 years.

Our lenders have an in-depth understanding of key market trends in the area, and we back up our expertise by offering a wide range of C&I lending options.

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional financing services, we offer a streamlined and seamless loan application process from start to finish. To help expedite the process, loan candidates will be required to submit financial documentation including but not limited to:

  • Completed loan application
  • 3 years of most recent business income statements and tax returns
  • 3 years of most recent personal income statements and tax returns
  • List of outstanding debts
  • Income and cash flow projections
  • Collateral or down payment information

After all documentation is submitted, our team will analyze the request and submit it for approval. As a local bank, our in-house loan review team is ready to review your application to ensure a prompt and efficient decision.

Contact Texas Gulf Bank to Start the Loan Process 

Texas Gulf Bank has proudly helped many small businesses secure the financing needed to reach business goals and achieve long-term success, including C&I loans.

To speak with a Loan Officer about the examples of commercial and industrial loans we highlighted today, we invite you to contact us. We can be easily reached by phone at 1-800-467-7216, through our contact form, or by visiting one of our many local banking centers.

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