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C-Store Loans: How We Support Individual Partners with Financing

January 30, 2023

Convenience stores (C-Stores) have proven to be a recession-proof business model, making them a popular investment option for individual partners seeking to build a portfolio of successful locations.

However, in order to expand your convenience store business, it’s essential to have access to convenience store financing in order to fund land purchases and building construction for future growth.

Discover three ways that Texas Gulf Bank supports individual partners and convenience store owners looking to broaden their convenience store business, and how c-store loans can help. 

We Offer Decades of C-Store Loans Expertise 

Texas Gulf Bank is a leader in providing effective and reliable convenience store lending options, with decades of extensive experience in the industry. Our team understands the unique funding needs of convenience store owners and individual partners that want to increase their portfolio and what kinds of financing options work best.

As a community-based bank, Texas Gulf Bank has an in-depth knowledge of the local market and developing regions that are ideal for c-store construction. In addition, TGB understands the importance of IMST reporting, which offers a comprehensive retail site analysis for convenience stores, performed by an independent market research firm.

IMST Reports provide several key data points and factors that could impact the long-term success of future c-store developments, including:

  • Three-year projections of fuel volume and store sales
  • Traffic data and car counts
  • Area demographics
  • Competitor audits
  • Future development in area

By choosing Texas Gulf Bank for your c-store loans, you gain a strategic financing partner with unparalleled expertise within the industry to help you make informed decisions about the best options for new c-stores. You’ll enjoy a solid relationship with our lenders that is built on a foundation of communication and trust.

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Favorable Convenience Store Loan Options 

There are several key lending options available through Texas Gulf Bank for individual partners in need of convenience store funding. A majority of c-store loan applicants need financing solutions for two specific purposes: land loans and construction loans.

– With commercial real estate loans, TGB offers individual partners the financing needed to buy land and acquire sites, especially in up-and-coming areas where land purchases may be cheaper than in fully-developed areas.

Land loans provide the opportunity to own the land even if you are not ready to begin construction, or if you want to wait until the area matures further before breaking ground.

Construction loans are an important type of business loan that provides financing related to the construction and development of the property. Funding from a construction loan allows your business to pay for all facets of construction costs, including:

  • Builder fees
  • Labor and contractors
  • Construction materials
  • Utility and road access
  • Permits

Since construction loans are able to cover all expenses related to the building construction and land development, this allows your convenience store business to focus on other working capital needs for your existing convenience store properties. 

Straightforward Loan Application Process 

Texas Gulf Bank understands that businesses in need of financing solutions should be able to apply for loans and lending options through a simple and straightforward process. We offer a streamlined convenience store loan application process that begins with an initial assessment to determine loan qualifications.

The ideal c-store loan candidate should be established individual partners with several successful locations within their business portfolio. During the actual loan review, TGB will evaluate factors such as:

  • Number of years in business
  • Successful c-stores in current portfolio
  • Financial stability
  • IMST Reporting to confirm market viability
  • Phase 1 ESA to address land concerns
  • Land appraisal

If the initial loan assessment confirms your loan viability, TGB will request several forms of financial documentation as part of the loan application process. Required documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Completed loan application
  • Three years of personal tax returns for individual partners or owners
  • Three years of financial statements from all c-store locations
  • Three years of tax returns from all c-store locations
  • Two years of income and expense projections for new site
  • Detailed business history for c-store portfolio

Once all documentation is received, expect the loan review process to take up to two weeks to complete. If approved, funding will be prompt so you can begin your land purchase and/or convenience store construction.

Choose The Loan Experts at Texas Gulf Bank 

Texas Gulf Bank is a community-based bank that has spent over 100 years serving the Gulf Coast region, and not many bankers have more experience with the convenience store industry than our own Duane Sandefer.

As an expert on all facets of convenience store financing, individual partners and small business owners rely on Duane’s 30+ years of knowledge and in-depth insight of lending solutions that uniquely support convenience stores.

For more information about c-store loans and financing options for your convenience store business, contact Texas Gulf Bank today to learn more and to begin the application process. You can also get in touch with our lending team by calling 1.800.467.7216.

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