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How We Compare to Big Banks for Wealth Management in Houston

Texas Gulf Bank has a proven track record of supporting the wealth management needs of our customers in the Greater Houston area. Our dedicated Wealth Management team values our role in creating financial security – whether for yourself or family members in the future.

We understand that you have many options to find wealth management in Houston. Other larger banks and companies offer similar services, but we believe that our services stand out because of how we treat each customer at a personal level.

Advantages of Texas Gulf Bank for Wealth Management Houston

Customer service and local presence. If customer service and being able to quickly get in touch with your point of contact is important, then Texas Gulf Bank is the right bank for you. 

When you work with our bank, you will have access to a local member of our team who is readily available to answer your questions and provide you with specific support for your latest needs.

Comparatively, larger banks and companies often have a local officer at one of their Houston field offices who does not have intimate knowledge of your situation. Then, when you have questions or need customer service support, you have to deal with someone out of the state who is not familiar with your account.

Custom plans. We don’t offer cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all plans for our customers. We understand that every customer has different needs to maximize the value of their wealth and secure their future. That’s why we customize our Wealth Management services to fit what you need.

By working with a local bank, we can take more time to assess your current circumstances, understand your goals, and create a plan that works for you and your family.

Lower fees. When going through larger entities, you can expect to pay higher wealth management fees.

A typical entity charges approximately 1% of the assets they manage. For example, if you have $100,000 in assets, then you would expect to pay approximately $1,000 in annual maintenance fees.

Meanwhile, Texas Gulf Bank focuses on keeping our fees as low as possible in order to help you keep more of your money. When you work with us, you can expect to pay a fraction of the cost. And, our annual maintenance fee is a flat fee! If you place more assets under our care, then you won’t incur additional fees, unlike at other banks where the fee is based on a percentage of assets under management.

We work diligently to minimize the impact of any price changes in the market by absorbing some of the increased costs of doing business. Because we are a local, independently-owned and operated bank, we have the ideal infrastructure that allows us to continue delivering the best possible service to our customers without burdening you with excessive fees.

Wealth Management Services We Offer

We offer specific wealth management services for our Houston customers. Our team will help preserve and grow the assets that you have accumulated so that you can utilize your wealth now and/or pass it on to future generations. Consider the ways we can help:

  • Trusts
  • Estate Planning
  • Settle or Probate an Estate
1. Trusts

We have the ideal experience to help with your trust needs. Our bank has possessed trust powers since 1984, we are proud to work with 280+ customers, and we have nearly $1B in assets under management.

Our team has specific knowledge of trusts and their unique and various needs, including  special needs trusts:

  • We can set up a trust to provide you or a beneficiary with steady income.
  • We have the ability to work with your attorney or accountant.
  • We can set up additional beneficiaries such as charitable organizations.
  • We can help reduce your estate and gift taxes and other costs.
  • Our team will ensure the timely delivery of assets to heirs.
  • We specialize in special needs trusts.
2. Estate Planning

Did you know that according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)  more than half of U.S. adults do not have an estate plan such as a will or living trust? No matter your net worth, we believe that it’s important to have a basic estate plan in place.

And, for high-net-worth individuals, it is especially critical to have an estate plan, otherwise, your heirs will experience tremendous stress working through legal issues that come along with dividing up assets without a will.

At Texas Gulf Bank, we can work with you, your family, and other third parties such as CPAs and attorneys to develop and implement an estate plan that works best for your financial needs and your current net worth.

If you do not have an attorney, then we can refer you to a qualified representative. Our Wealth Management team has worked with many attorneys in the Greater Houston area that deal specifically with estate planning needs. We can refer you to the right attorney for your situation.

3. Settle or Probate an Estate

Texas Gulf Bank can serve as executor or co-executor for your estate. We can also assist when an impartial third party is needed to help settle or probate an estate.

We play a critical role for many families that need an independent, third party to help with estate issues. Our team can help take the emotions out of the process so that family members can focus their energy on other important issues.

Because we are local, we can work directly with you and your family to ensure that everyone is on board with key decisions. You won’t have to work with a disconnected person from a larger entity who is not familiar with you, your family, or your financial needs. Rather, through our bank, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure a positive outcome.

Contact Texas Gulf Bank for Wealth Management in Houston

We understand that every customer has unique circumstances and would like to utilize their accumulated wealth in different ways. Whether you want to set up spending money for yourself, support your family’s future, or pass along your wealth to specific beneficiaries, we can help.

We encourage you to reach out to our Wealth Management team to find out more about the services that we offer. We are proud to have supported many customers in Houston with their wealth management needs. Talk to us today to discover the Texas Gulf Bank difference!

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