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Personal Checking Comparison Chart

Minimum Opening Deposit$50.00$100.00$100.00$1000.00$500.00
Monthly Maintenance Fees$0.00$7.00$10.00$10.00$10.00
Minimum Average Daily Balance to Avoid Monthly Maintenance FeeN/A$700.00 or age 62 or older$3000.00 combined in all your personal TGB accounts (*Note: Any time account balances, such as CDs and IRAs, that contribute to the $3,000 combined balance are calculated using the current ledger balance on the Gulf Rewards Checking statement cycle date.)$2500.00$5000.00
Interest BearingYesNoNoYesYes
Unlimited Check WritingYesYes, and with no excess debit fee if avg. daily balance is >/= $700.00 or you are age 62 or older; see Additional Account Info/Details link belowYesYesYes, but Debit Fee may apply; see Additional Account Info/Details link below
Visa® Debit Card AvailableYesYesYesYesNo, but ATM card is available
Free Online Banking with Free Bill PayYesYesYesYesYes
Free Q-Line Automated Telephone BankingYesYesYesYesYes
Extra RewardsDetailsNoFree Specialty Mint Wallet checks (1 box per order), free cashier's checks, combined statements and 10% discount on safe deposit box rentalNoNo
Additional Account InformationDetailsDetailsDetails
Other Possible FeesDetailsDetailsDetailsDetailsDetails

Additional Information

Fees that may apply
The following fees may be assessed against your account and the following transaction limitations, if any, apply to your account:

Monthly Card Fee (ATM or Debit card)$1.00 per month, per account (Does not apply to the Gulf Advantage Checking or VIP High Yield Checking or the Gulf Rewards Checking)
Replacement or Lost ATM / Debit Cards$5.00 each
Change PIN (Personal Identification Number) (ATM or Debit card)No fee

Transaction Fees -- ATM or Debit Cards

Balance Inquiries / Withdrawals

Withdrawal at any of our ATM locations (ATM or Debit card)No Fee
Balance inquiries at any of our ATM locations (ATM or Debit card)No Fee
Withdrawal or Balance Inquiry at ATM locations we do not own or operate (ATM or Debit card)$2.00 each
Non-customer using TGB ATM machines for withdrawals or balance inquiries$3.00 each
Dollar limitations (ATM card) (Saturday, Sunday, & Monday are treated as one processing day. Cash withdrawals and point-of-sale transactions from all accounts per accountholder are combined for one $1,000.00 limitation.)$1,000.00 per processing day
Dollar limitations (Debit card) (Saturday, Sunday, & Monday are treated as one processing day. Cash withdrawals from ATMs $1,000.00 and point-of-sale $2,000.00. Transactions from all accounts per accountholder are combined for the $3,000.00 limitation.)$3,000.00 per processing day

Overdrafts/Non-Sufficient Funds
The categories of transactions for which an overdraft fee or NSF fee may be imposed are those by any of the following means: check, in-person withdrawal or transfer, or by electronic means, excluding ATM or one-time debit card transactions.

Overdraft Paid Item Fee$30.00 each
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Return Item Fee$30.00 each
Maximum Overdraft Paid Item/NSF Return Item fees (per day)$120.00 per day (both categories combined)
Courtesy ThresholdWe do not charge an Overdraft Paid Item Fee or NSF Return Item Fee for de minimis transaction amounts ($5.00 or less)
No Representment FeeWe will only charge a single NSF Return Item Fee &/or Overdraft Paid Item Fee for multiple presentations of the same item

Bookkeeping and other Fees

Personal Checks

Check printingFee depends on style and quantity of check ordered
Temporary checks$.50 each (limit 12)
Cashier's Checks (Customer)$3.00 each
Money Orders (Customer)$2.00 each
Non-customer Check Cashinggreater of $8.50 or 1% of check
Online BankingNo charge
Online Banking with Bill PayNo charge
Outgoing Bank-to-Bank Transfers$3.00 each
Garnishments$25.00 plus attorney's fees
Subpoenas$25.00 plus attorney's fees
Levies$25.00 plus attorney's fees
Account Activity Printout$3.00 each
Special Statement Cutoff$5.00 each
Account Research$30.00 per hour, minimum 1/2 hour
Account Balancing Assistance$30.00 per hour, minimum 1/2 hour
Multiple or Conditional Signature Accounts$25.00 per account per month
Balance Inquiry (no charge for Q-Line Automated Phone Banking)$2.00 each
Activity Inquiry (no charge for Q-Line Automated Phone Banking)$3.00 each
Telephone Transfer to and from Accounts (no charge for Q-Line Automated Phone Banking)$5.00 each
Stop Payments (all items)$30.00 each
Non-time Account Closed within 30 Days of Opening$15.00 each

Domestic Wire Transfers

Customer Incoming$5.00 each
Customer Outgoing$25.00 each

Foreign Wire Transfers

Customer Incoming$10.00 each
Customer Outgoing$35.00 each plus correspondent bank wire charges


Incoming Customer$10.00 each
Outgoing Customer$12.00 each
Dealer Drafts (Incoming or outgoing)$10.00 each
Lost Coupon Book$10.00 each
Amortization Schedule$10.00 each
Zipper Bags (small)$5.00 each
Zipper Bags (large)$7.00 each
Lock Bags (night depository)$20.00 each
Strapped Currency$.35 per strap
Rolled Coin$.25 per roll
Deposit Corrections$2.00 each
Photocopies (Customer)$.25 each page
Photocopies (Non-Customer)$.50 each page

Safe Deposit Box

(annual rental - price varies by size and location)

Key deposit$25.00 per box
Box Drilling$50.00 plus vendor's charges

Note: Except as shown below*, deposits made during our business hours (of the branch where the deposit is made) will be posted the same day. Business hours vary from location to location and may be found in the Location Guide of our website,

*Deposits made to your account via debit card must be received by 2:00 P.M. CST to be reflected in your balance that same business day. Deposits made through Remote Deposit Capture or Mobile Deposit must be completed before 5:00 P.M. CST to be reflected in your balance that same business day. Transfers made using TGB Online/Mobile Banking or Q-Line Automated Phone Service before 8:00 P.M. CST will be reflected in your balance that same business day. Transfers or deposits made after the cut-off times shown, or on a Saturday, Sunday, or Federal holiday, will be reflected in your balance on the next business day we are open. More detailed information is available upon request. Contact us at 1-800-467-7216.


Gulf Advantage Checking is a FREE* interest-bearing checking account with a FREE Visa® Debit Card. To receive the higher interest rate and refund of up to $35.00 in ATM fees, you must meet three simple requirements (listed below). If one month you don't meet the requirements, you still earn a lower interest rate and have the opportunity to earn the higher interest the next month.

Account Requirements:

  • At least 12 debit card purchase transactions that post and clear per monthly qualification cycle.
  • At least one direct deposit or ACH automatic debit that posts and clears per monthly qualification cycle.
  • You must be able to accept electronic delivery of your monthly bank statement and agree to do so, in lieu of receiving a paper statement.

If all account requirements are met during the qualification cycle, your account earns the higher interest rate and ATM fees of $4.99 or less will be automatically reimbursed up to a maximum of $4.99 per individual transaction. Those fees of $5.00 or higher will be reimbursed if the appropriate ATM receipt is presented to a representative at one of our branches. In no circumstance, however, will the maximum reimbursement exceed $35.00 per monthly qualification cycle. The qualification period is generally the statement cycle, but the specific cut-off date for transactions to qualify varies month to month; customers are advised of the actual date ahead of time via a monthly email.

*Accounts closed within 30 days of opening will be assessed a $15.00 fee each. NSF Return Item Fees &/or Overdraft Paid Item Fees may apply.


An excess debit fee of $0.25 will be charged for each debit transaction in excess of 25 during a monthly statement cycle (does not include electronic funds transfers). This fee will not apply if the average daily balance is $700.00 or more for the monthly statement cycle. In addition, the fee will not be charged for individuals age 62 or older regardless of balance. Also, the monthly maintenance fee is waived for individuals age 62 or older, regardless of balance.


Transaction limitations: We prohibit transfers to third parties by POS (Point of Sale); this also includes Debit Card Payments made via Mobile Pay Apps/Mobile Wallets. No other transaction limitations apply to this account, but Debit Fee may apply. $10.00 for each debit in excess of 10 per monthly statement cycle. (Note: Fee not applicable to electronic payments, TGB online banking/Q-line transfers between your TGB accounts, or ATM withdrawals.)

VISA® is a registered Trademark of Visa International Service Association.