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Managing Your Finances

Paycheck savings
5 Ways to Keep More of Your Paycheck

Do you find yourself looking at your checkbook at the end of the month, wondering what happened to the money from your paycheck? Little holes in your financial plan can…

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holiday shopping
Avoid Scams With These Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

Millions of holiday shoppers plan to make purchases online during the 2019 holiday season. Sadly, the world’s scariest online scammers are…

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online banking
Cybersecurity & Online Banking Safety During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated our daily lives and opened a space for con artists to take advantage of citizens during a time of great vulnerability…

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debt consolidation
Debt Consolidation Tips To Tackle Your Toughest Money Challenges

You’re probably familiar with the quick pace at which debt can accrue. High interest charges mean your balance continues to grow…

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credit report
Free Credit Freezes Are Here

At Texas Gulf Bank, your financial security is our number one concern. Below is an article, courtesy of the Federal Trade Commission that provides

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health savings
Health Savings Accounts Offer Triple Tax Advantages

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) help you and your family members save for future health expenses tax-free when you have a high-deductible…

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safe deposit box
How to Get the Most Out of Your Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes offer a secure place away from your home or office to store your valuables. This includes jewelry, stamp or coin collections…

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business account
HSA vs. FSA: How to Choose the Right Pre-Tax Account to Offer Your Employees

Rising healthcare and insurance costs increasingly burden both businesses and their employees. Utilizing a tax-advantaged medical savings account,

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financial review
Kick Off The New Year With A Financial Health Evaluation

The start of a new year is a great time to review your finances. Taking a personal inventory of your financial health allows you to take advantage…

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online security
Layers of Security Features Help Keep Online & Mobile Banking Safe for TGB Customers

Reliance on online and mobile technology has grown significantly over the past few months as people spend more time at home with limited…

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emergency finance kit
Preparing an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

Texas hurricane season officially starts on June 1 and lasts through November 30. Now is the time to prepare yourself, so you are ready…

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gas pump
Protect Yourself At The Pump

While more businesses have chip-enabled card readers inside, many gas pumps are not yet equipped with them. This leaves consumers easy prey to card skimming…

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atm card skimming
Protect Yourself from Card Skimming

Have you heard of anyone’s debit card information being stolen and utilized while they still have the card in their physical possession? If so, they…

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credit score button
Review Your Credit Report Regularly to Catch Identity Fraud Threats

There is no reason to fear a credit check if you know what is waiting in your report. That’s why we recommend making a habit of monitoring…

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mobile payment
Safety First When Making a Person to Person Payment

Maybe you found the perfect dining room table on Craigslist, or your landlord would prefer rent payments be sent to her checking…

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investing strategy
Spend, Save & Invest Strategically to Finish The Year Strong

Although it’s hard to think about that tax bill due next April, the strategic financial decisions you make today for your business…

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safe deposit box
What is a safe deposit box and why should you use one?

If you have important valuables and documents that you don’t feel comfortable leaving around the house, consider renting a safe deposit box…

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special needs
What is Supplemental Security Income & Who is Eligible?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal income program funded by general tax revenues designed to help blind, disabled…

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wallet app payments
Why We Love (and Need) Wallet Pay Apps Right Now

Have you ever gone to dinner with a group of friends, but the restaurant wouldn’t split the check? Or—given the new social etiquette…

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