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Building and Supporting a Family

Working from home
5 Tips to Work from Home Effectively

If you’re new to working from home full time, you could be in the midst of a significant adjustment right now. Many Texans found…

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Working From Home
American Workers Searching for Jobs to Fit their Post-Pandemic Lifestyle

Last year, the pandemic forced families to re-order their health, family, and work obligations. Schools closed. We experienced disruptions…

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company hiring
As the Economy Picks Up, These Industries are Hiring Right Now

In May, the Texas unemployment rate fell to 13.0%, which is below the national rate of 13.3%. That’s the first decrease since the state economy was first…

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saving for college
Ask Yourself These Questions When Building a Plan to Save for College

With inflation rates for college costs estimated at 3%-10% per year—tuition and fees, along with room and board, could skyrocket by the time…

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family almanac
Creating a Family Records Almanac to Organize Your Most Important Personal Information

A Family Records Almanac is an organized compilation of your family and financial accounts. Once completed, it should be kept in a place that…

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child financial literacy
Ideas to Help Your Children Understand Budgets & Saving

Teaching your children about money and budgeting requires patience, creativity and time. While it may not be easy, it is important that your children know how…

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college finance
Sharing the Financial Responsibility of College with Your Child

In the face of skyrocketing tuition costs, families may be overwhelmed by the financial requirements they are facing. With the rising costs, it is important…

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Married Couple
Start Your Married Life with Extra Cash

You’ve said your “I Dos,” and while you may be recovering from wedding-related expenses, there are several steps you can take as a couple to ensure…

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What You Need to Know Before Making Investments

Entering the world of investing seems overwhelming, but there are ways to get started with just a little money and a few tips. Here are some things you need to know to get started…

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