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Why You Should Include Final Arrangements in your Estate Planning

April 23, 2017


Planning your own final arrangements can save your family a lot of stress during a time of unimaginable grief. You also give yourself the peace of mind that you have taken the burden off your loved ones.

As uncomfortable as it might be, it is critical to discuss your wishes with your family so they are not taken by surprise after your passing. This is especially important if you decide you want something that family members may be uncomfortable with, such as cremation or a green funeral.

Breaking through the discomfort of discussing these things can make planning easier for everyone involved. Several benefits of preplanning your final arrangements include:

Flexibility in the Way You are Memorialized 
Planning ahead means you can take the time to consider all options for your final resting place and explore creative concepts for services since you aren’t working against a timeline.

Peace of Mind 
Everyone involved will know that arrangements are in place. This can be especially helpful if you are worried that other family members might contest your wishes or lobby for a different plan. This also allows family and friends to concentrate on grieving rather than on administrative tasks.

The best way to document your wishes is in a “Final Arrangements” document included with your Estate Planning paperwork. The second way you can record your preferences is in a Will. Here are some topics to include in that conversation:

  • Whether or not to create a Living Will or Trust
  • Who will handle the estate
  • What professionals you want to be involved
  • Would you like your organs to be donated
  • Do you want to be cremated or have a traditional burial
  • What type of memorial service you might want
  • Who you wish to involve in executing your memorial service
  • Any items or decorations you want on display at the service
  • What kind of casket or urn you would like
  • Your final resting place
    • What cemetery
    • If cremated, where to spread the ashes
    • Are you interested in other options such as memorialization jewelry


Ultimately, it will take multiple discussions with service providers such as funeral directors, florists, officiants, musicians and those you want to partipate in the actual service to preplan your final arrangements, but now is the time to start. Our team is here to answer your questions and is ready to assist you in any Estate Planning matters.  


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