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Purchasing a New Jet? Use a Bank For Your Aircraft Lending Needs

December 19, 2022

Owning a private jet may be the culmination of a lifelong dream. Whether you intend to expand and strengthen your business, create memories with family and friends, or explore the world from the sky, you can access resources to make this happen.

One resource available to you is exceptional aircraft financing through Texas Gulf Bank. We aim to be reliable and efficient while providing outstanding client service for our valued customers.

Learn why you should choose a bank for your aircraft lending needs and why our bank is the strategic financing partner you need to get your aircraft ownership dreams off the ground.

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The Benefits of Aircraft Financing 

Owning a private plane or jet provides a wealth of benefits and opportunities, but paying for such a significant purchase may be a challenge.

Even if you have the liquidity to pay for a new aircraft in cash, it can be risky to disrupt your current investment portfolio or tie up so much of your financial resources into a single asset.

Aircraft loans can be a safer and more beneficial option for financing your plane or jet purchase compared to paying in cash. Aircraft financing typically may provide several significant benefits to individuals or businesses interested in purchasing a new plane or jet, including the following:

  • Potentially manageable monthly payments
  • Fixed interest rates
  • Freeing up available capital for other needs and expenses
  • Avoid depleting investment portfolios
  • Potential tax benefits for asset depreciation (Consult a tax advisor regarding your specific situation) 

Aircraft financing may be the best choice for securing the funds needed for your aircraft purchase, but it is important to choose the right bank for your specific financing needs. 

Why Banks Are Ideal for Financing an Aircraft Purchase

When you partner with a bank for your aircraft lending needs, you should gain access to the professionalism and lending expertise needed to navigate the aviation loan process successfully.

Other non-traditional lenders may lack resources, or they may not understand the unique financing needs of an individual or business interested in aircraft purchases.

Unlike online lenders or other financiers in the airline industry, banks typically have the strong financial backing, efficiency, and resources needed to review, approve, and fund aircraft loans. In other words, borrowers may  typically experience an expedited loan process.

Banks are also usually able to establish and build strong relationships with borrowers to ensure a smooth lending experience. Simply put, we work hard to understand the needs and goals of borrowers, then we have the ability to execute a loan program for qualified borrowers.

Choose Texas Gulf Bank for Aircraft Loans 

Texas Gulf Bank is the superior financing option for aircraft purchases and refinancing, with an in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry and over 100 years of banking experience serving the Gulf Coast region.

Whether you’re purchasing a turbine jet engine or a turboprop plane, we offer aircraft financing solutions for personal and commercial purposes, as well as charter operations.

Our bank proudly offers borrowing solutions that are tailored to your specific aircraft needs while also addressing cash flow and tax objectives. As a community-based bank, we are able to provide efficient loan assessments and in-house reviews for a prompt loan application process.

As part of the loan qualification process, the ideal candidate for an aircraft loan with Texas Gulf Bank should demonstrate sufficient liquidity and cash flow. In addition, applicants will need to submit documentation including, but not limited to, the following pieces of information:

  • Completed loan application
  • Three years of personal and/or business tax returns
  • Current Personal Financial Statement
  • Bank and brokerage statements
  • Aircraft Specification Sheet
  • Detailed plan for the intended use of aircraft

Our team of lenders focuses on building strong relationships with clients to ensure a positive lending experience. We will guide you through each step of the loan process, be ready to answer questions, and address your financing needs throughout the life of your aircraft loan.

Talk to Us About Your Aircraft Lending Needs Today 

If you are ready to purchase a new jet or plane and need financing options, contact Texas Gulf Bank today to discuss financing solutions for your aircraft purchase.

We invite you to fill out the contact form below to get started, or you can schedule a visit with a lender at Texas Gulf Bank to discuss your goals and our available aircraft lending options.

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