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Get to Know Our Lenders: Dennis David, An Experienced SBA Loan Specialist

March 22, 2023
Dennis David 7478
Dennis David

Senior Vice President,
SBA Lending Manager


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The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers various lending products for both new businesses and businesses looking to expand. To help you tap into everything the SBA has to offer, it’s important to work with an experienced lender.

At Texas Gulf Bank, that lender is Dennis David. Dennis has been with Texas Gulf Bank since 2014, and he is our SBA lending expert who knows the process inside and out.

Dennis has helped countless small business owners across the Southeast Texas Gulf Coast region find their starting point to launch a new venture, purchase or construct a new facility, or support growth initiatives in their existing business. Learn more about why you can rely on Dennis for your SBA lending needs.

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How Dennis David Supports Small Business Customers

Dennis mainly supports customers in the Greater Houston area, throughout Harris County, and in the surrounding counties. Dennis provides support at each critical stage in the SBA lending process.

1. Pre-qualify

Dennis provides help to business owners by pre-qualifying prospective borrowers on SBA eligibility, loan amounts, and loan options.

Because of his extensive experience with SBA lending, Dennis can quickly identify whether your business will be a good candidate to go through the Small Business Administration for financial support.

If you are a good fit, Dennis will help you review your options to apply for an SBA-backed loan. But, if you need more time before applying for an SBA loan, Dennis will walk you through the steps you need to complete to be best positioned to apply for lending.

2. SBA Loan Process

One of the best parts about working with Dennis is that he will be with you throughout the loan application process. Unlike some banks, you won’t be handed off to another banker to whom you will need to explain your business situation again.

With our bank, Dennis will continue the working relationship with you. Dennis helps our customers navigate the SBA loan approval, closing, and funding processes for the loan that you apply for. Consider the two most popular SBA loan options:

  • 7(a) loans: this loan option can satisfy short-term needs such as working capital to cover a gap between cash inflows and outflows or long-term needs such as real estate purchases, equipment purchases and refinancing.
  • 504 loans: this loan option is only for long-term needs such as purchasing fixed assets like real estate and equipment that will support the growth of the business.

Dennis will help you complete the application process for the most suitable loan for you.

3. Expedite the Loan Process

Dennis knows what questions you need to answer from the SBA to complete the loan application process. He can provide you with quick feedback about your application and help expedite the loan process so that you can access the necessary funds for your business needs.

Then, you will be able to receive funds and use them for the approved purpose. Dennis will review the terms and restrictions associated with each loan program so that you know exactly how to use the funds.

Dennis will look out for your interests to ensure that you stay on the right side of the SBA lending terms. And, if you ever have questions about whether you can use funds for a specific purpose, you can always reach out to Dennis with follow-up questions.

What Kinds of Transactions Can Dennis Help With?

Dennis can help customers with a variety of commercial lending transactions to support growth. Whether you are looking to acquire or refinance commercial property or want to purchase heavy-duty equipment, Dennis can help you out. Dennis specializes in the following types of transactions:

For owner-occupied properties, Dennis will review with you the SBA occupancy requirements to ensure eligibility

  • For a real estate purchase: your company must occupy at least 51% of the building.
  • For construction: you must initially occupy at least 60% of the building.

If you plan to occupy all or a substantial portion of the property, then you will be in a good spot. However, if you plan to lease out a portion of the building to generate additional revenue, Dennis can work with you to ensure that you satisfy the occupancy requirements set by the SBA.

Get in Touch with Dennis to Discuss SBA Lending

We are a community bank that values the relationships with each of our customers. Dennis carries out our commitment to the community by helping small businesses throughout the Gulf Coast region reach new heights.

Dennis can make a difference in your business. We encourage you to get in touch with him to discuss SBA loan options that fit your company’s needs.

You can also discuss his personal interests of spending time with family, playing sports (especially tennis), being a guitarist in a band, spending time on Galveston Bay, and traveling to the Colorado mountains.

To start a banking relationship with Dennis, call us at 800-467-7216 to be connected with Dennis about SBA lending, or complete our contact form to get started.

Interested in a complimentary
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