How To Decide Which Personal Checking Account Is Right For You

January 31, 2018
Choosing a bank account is an important step in reaching your personal financial goals. The best account is the account that aligns with your objectives and your monetary needs.  
A personal checking account is used for day-to-day banking, including depositing your paycheck, withdrawing cash and paying bills. It offers multiple ways to access your money — such as debit cards, ATMs and personal checks. But how do you choose the exact checking account that is right for you? 
  1. Make an assessment of your needs. If you presently have a checking account, study your past statements and look into how many checks you write, debit transactions you make through ATMs and purchases, as well as what your balance is at the end of each month.  If you need to write unlimited checks or make unlimited card transactions monthly, you should select a checking account that will allow you to do so.  If you make a lot of ATM withdrawals at sites other than a Texas Gulf Bank location, you might want an account that will reimburse some of the associated fees.
  2. Determine the average monthly minimum that you plan to have in your account. Some checking accounts require a minimum balance be maintained in the account, otherwise a fee will be charged. It is important to try to predetermine that you will meet these minimum requirements to avoid any unnecessary fees.  
  3. Know your financial habits. Most checking accounts have fees associated with them. However, many of these fees are avoidable if you are aware of what triggers the fee. Having a true understanding of your own financial habits and choosing an account that will most benefit you based upon these habits will ultimately provide you the best outcome for your checking account financial goals.  
Texas Gulf Bank offers a wide variety of personal checking accounts to suit your banking needs. Whether you want unlimited check writing, unlimited debit transactions, free checking that pays interest or tools to manage your money, we have an account that will be an ideal match for you.  
We have created an easy to follow comparison chart to help in the decision making process. You may access it here.  
Our Branch Banking Specialists are also available to discuss your personal financial goals and help you determine the best match. Simply stop by your local branch or contact us at 800-467-7216. 
Already know which account is right for you? Some account types can be opened online (Gulf Advantage Checking, VIP High Yield Checking and Gulf Stream Money Market). Simply click here to start the online application process.