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Should I take special steps to ensure security of my personal information?
Since browsers cache (store) information that was just displayed, we recommend closing your browser after viewing or performing financial transactions, especially if someone else may use the same PC. It is also important to note that some browsers cache pages that are viewed during secured connections to the PC's hard drive. This can make it possible to view account information after you have closed the session. Your password can never be obtained from this but anything you viewed, such as account balances, may be viewed later. Various browsers, browser versions, and browser platform implementations handle and configure this differently (this is a function of the web browser and will occur on any Internet site that you access with secured connections. It is not unique to TGB Online). We recommend that you clear disk and memory cache. For more information, please consult your browser's documentation or the web site of the browser's creator. We recommend you use caution when accessing secured sites like Internet banking over the Internet and recommend you avoid using public computers in places such as libraries and universities to access secured information. We discourage the usage of the "saved password" option on various browsers. Remember to logoff after using TGB Online, clear disk/memory cache, and close/exit your browser when leaving your computer.