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Shellshock Vulnerability
Shellshock is a bug in Bash, a core computer program that lets users type and execute commands.  The vulnerability allows attackers to run malicious scripts in systems and servers which comprises everything in it, including all of your data. Affected systems include Linux, BSD and Mac OS X, as well as Windows servers on which the Bash or Bourne-again Shell software tool has been installed.
Please know that your personal Online Banking information is safe and secure with Texas Gulf Bank, N.A.  
Our Online Banking Services are not affected and not vulnerable to Shellshock.
Please be advised:  Be certain that you are using precautions to protect your information by frequent password changes, securing confidential information, using industry leading fraud security products on your online devices to detect any viruses and keeping them updated.  Use Shellshock detection tools like BashLite Malware Scanner and ShellShock Vulnerability Scanner or plug-ins to scan likely vulnerabilities and exploits. 
There is no way to be sure a website is safe unless they tell you, either by contacting you directly or on their website. It is advisable not to log into accounts at affected sites until you’re sure the company has patched the problem.  If the company isn’t forthcoming, notifying you that they are safe, confirming a fix or keeping you up to date with progress, please contact their customer service team for information.
Home Depot Data Breach
Texas Gulf Bank is actively monitoring the Home Depot Data Breach and will automatically reissue debit cards to our customers who may have been impacted.

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